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Apparently this is now my nightmare blog

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Jan. 30th, 2014 | 02:59 pm

or bad dream blog, considering how I distinguish between the two.

To be fair, this one wasn't as bad as some of the others I've had. It didn't leave me feeling shaky and upset. But it was pretty alarming in the moment

It was incredibly short, for starters. There were two rows of teeth, and they were sort of...dancing? vibrating? They were moving. Two rows of teeth, with bones behind them, against a black background. There were laughs and the sounds of crying in the background. Somehow I knew this was normal, and also a prerecording. And then the sounds changed. The teeth sped up and at first it was just the sound of babies crying. Then it switched to high pitched laughter and I knew that whoever was making the noises was getting closer. Then I felt the bed dip next to me and knew they were there. And then I woke up

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