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Mar. 13th, 2016 | 06:29 pm

Keeping this thing going as a bad dream blog I guess. I was thinking the other day that I hadn't had any bad dreams in a while, and then I had like five of them at once.
It's late in the day so I don't remember a lot of what happened, but even after waking up properly I didn't remember much either. I don't even know if I woke up several times or if I just dreamed I did. I think I woke myself up yelling at one point?

Anyway here's what I remember
The first thing is that we were going to watch a movie...I think it was an evil dead movie? not one that exists already obviously. But the movie was also real of course. A girl with me was afraid of tall people and I had to hide her from bruce campbell, whose height in unknown to me now but in the dream was 6'3". Also, the number of eyes on his face and their position kept changing. At one point there were nearly a hundred small eyes arranged in concentric circles on either side of his face, which then hinged back revealing an empty head as he ran outside screaming. Which hit me on a) body horror, b) eye-specific horror, c) tryptophobia. I also at some point WAS him and had brass plates attached to my face, which I tried to claw off me and all my fingernails were broken and jagged. That part of the dream ended with the verdict that the dead person in the room (the context of the dream was someone had died and we were there to put his house in order) had been killed with a dead body, and we didn't know there was another dead person.

Another part of the dream had to do with treehouses? And I think most of it was...not scary, but tense. I don't really remember much until the end, unless what I'm about to write was part of a different dream. But there were other houses, on the ground, and we discovered the dead bodies of two children in one of them. I touched one, and all the flesh disappeared and it was just a skeleton. I tried to pick it up but, you know, skeleton, and it fell apart and someone kept telling me not to touch it but I kept trying to put it back together but every time I touched it things would break.

The last thing I remember may or may not have been attached to the dead cottage bodies, but there was a newborn infant and we needed to perform brain surgery on it? But we had to get its permission first so I asked it if we could help it and I promised it we would give it anesthesia for the incision and that it would only hurt a little bit, but the doctor in charge barged forward and said 'There's no time' and just took a scalpel and sliced the top of its head off and there were no bones or blood just pale jelly and the baby screamed and that's all I remember.

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