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May. 17th, 2016 | 11:19 am

More bad dreams whooo

This was one of those dreams that are confusing even while they happen, although in this case that just added to the atmosphere. Someone did some sort of experimental brain surgery on me? And acted like it was no big deal and I should be thankful, even though it was very clear that I was upset and didn't know what was going on. I asked them to explain it to me and every time they did they used big words I didn't understand. I finally yelled at one of the people to explain it to me as if I were a child, and kept yelling at them every time they used a big word, but as soon as they explained what they did I forgot. In fact, I kept forgetting a lot of things. The only thing I could keep straight in my head was that they had done something to my head that I didn't understand. I didn't feel like myself anymore.
They started to do the same thing to other people, I think? I kept trying to warn people against it but it got confused, and not everyone had the same reaction as I did.
I think my brain kept trying to tie it to other things about me? The people kept talking about 'fixing' me, and there was definitely a discussion about depression somewhere in the dream, and another about dating, so maybe that was what they were trying to 'fix'?
I tried going back to sleep after I woke up but even though the dream was something fairly different (I think?) there was still a sense of dread hanging about. Considering nonconsensual surgery is one of my Big Fears, it makes sense that this was one of those dreams that hangs about all day.

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