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Aug. 20th, 2012 | 11:20 am

Wowww I have really fallen out of using this thing.

But it's still good for writing down the terrifying dreams I have!

I had two nightmares last night. Well, not nightmares, because I only categorize chase dreams as nightmares, but terrible, upsetting dreams that are going to plague me throughout the day and keep me on edge.

The first dream started out pretty normally. I don't quite remember what was happening, but I think it was something like I was on vacation and there may have been a castle? But it ended with me trapped in a cabin, having tried to escape multiple times, surrounded by pointy objects, several large scary men, and a couple of equally terrified people, about to be raped and tortured.
I tried to get back to sleep for a while, and every time I closed my eyes I'd flash to the last moments of my dream, but eventually I managed it.

The first part of the dream was actually pretty great! I had a date with John Boyega! But then I began feeling really freaked out for no apparent reason, and somehow I ended up putting my dead wife and child in a car with resurrection properties and turning it on (for the record, the resurrection was putting their souls back into their bodies, not zombifying them), bringing them back. My wife started trying to get out and my baby was actually just a splatter of organs screaming and throwing itself at the car window as I fled into the hills, and the whole time all I could hear was it's screams of pain and anger and fear.

And I can still see it and hear it and it's awful

So yeah, basically I'm going to be on edge all day

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