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Welcome To My World Of Knowing!

The wonderful world of looking things up in books.

4 November
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I'm currently studying Political Science at Christopher Newport University. I love language, history, travel, and learning about the world in general. My family lives in Manila.
I have the long-standing goals to be more involved in fandom, to write interesting posts, and to write or publish a book; only my social awkwardness and tendency to be overly critical of myself stand in my way. In an ideal world I would be a best-selling novelist/mercenary who ranches unicorns in her spare time and wearing ball gowns at every opportunity. As is, I'm a student who spends half her time in the real world and the other half in various fictional worlds.

Writing, if anyone is interested, is located here: http://bygoshbygolly.dreamwidth.com
alice in wonderland, arsenic and old lace, arthurian legend, avatar, batman, being human, bill nighy, billy elliot, black books, blackadder, blondie, blue beetle, book of lost things, booster gold, breakfast at tiffanys, bromance, cartoons, cinematography, classical music, clone high, comics, daydreaming, die toten hosen, dinosaurs, disney, doctor who, dorothy parker, editing, eleanor of aquitane, elegant penmanship, everything is illuminated, fandom, fantasy, farscape, felix castor, fiction, five word interests, folklore, friends, gender, genderbending, german, gogol bordello, h2g2, han solo, happiness, harry potter, harvey birdman, heathers, heroes, history, hitchhikers guide, hot fuzz, house, hugh laurie, impulse, indiana jones, iron man, james bond, jeeves and wooster, languages, lord peter wimsey, love actually, marc bolan and trex, merlin, michael giacchino, misadventures of flapjack, movie scores, muppets, musicals, mythology, neil stephenson, never growing up, nice suits, oscar wilde, outer space, pan's labyrinth, pearls before swine, peter pan, pixar, psycho beach party, puns, queen, random sketching, reading, red hot swamis, religion, romantic friendship, sci fi, sci-fi, sexuality, shaun of the dead, sherlock holmes, simon pegg, slash, soundtracks, spaced, star trek xi, star trek: tos, star wars, stephen fry, storytelling, strange and norrell, superheroes, supernatural beasties, talking, tchaikovsky, the crusades, the inklings, the last unicorn, the princess bride, the thin man, the venture bros, tiger moon, transmetropolitan, travelling, unicorn ranching, white collar, wonder boys, writing, young justice, zimbabwe